Thursday, 18 October 2007

Self Evaluation

1) Attainment

I forgot what this means =S

2) Effort

3 - Efforts been good in class but slacking when it comes to homework.

3) Punctuality

2 - Rarely late and absent.

4) Submission and quality of homework

4 - Haven't handed homework in on time a few times.

5) Ability to work independently

1 - Always produce my best work when I do it on my own.

6) Quality of writing

1 - What can I say?

7) Organisation of Media folder

5 - I don't have one right now.

8) Oral contributions in class

1 - I'm a very opinionated person who always has something to say.

9) Standard of Module 5 blog

3 - Layouts nice, lacks posts.

10) Standard of Module 6 blog

3 - Same thing as above.


1) Very passionate about my text and the independent study.
2) Good understanding of all the topics discussed in class so far.


1) More research needed, especially book research.
2) Complete and submit homework on time.
3) Obtain a folder to put all my work in.


Deep said...

Aman, we have to do task 9. You weren't in on Friday so I'm guessing you don't know about it.. but anyway.. not a lot of people are doing genre in our class so I'll be your 'blog buddy'.

nableeee said...

amanieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee waz goin on :D